What you can expect from b-rayZ.

  • Image Quality Assessment
  • Breast Density Classification
  • Management & Reporting
  • Diagnostics

Solutions for your daily challenges:

  • Receive real time information on the PGMI based quality assessment of mammographies to reduce patient recall.
  • Help the technician correct recurrent errors in the positioning of the patients in the mammography scanner through graphical didactic feedback.
  • Help identify areas for improvement that Mammography Educators consultants can use to deliver targeted training.
  • Notification of the presence of calcification to the radiographer in real time for immediate acquisition of spot.
  • Standardized classification the mammographic breast density using a 4-point Likert according to the ACR BiRADS Atlas 5th Edition .

Standardized recommendation for Ultrasound or Tomo for breast Density higher than B Creation of work lists based on breast density, complexity of the cases and the experience of the radiologists Integrate breast Density outcome into existing reporting, risk assessment results and PACS workflows to boost efficiency and facilitate the decision process.

Produce structured reports for accreditations and audits Gain a comprehensive view of the breast unit and monitor the team’s performance with automated image quality metrics. Enables retrospective data analysis from current and prior standard DICOM mammograms for benchmarking, monitoring, and trend detection. Manage the reporting process for many technologists and radiologists across multiple imaging sites Provide objective assessments of mammography positioning and quality and identifying areas for each technologist’s improvement Filter and route cases abased on multiple criteria’s Exclude post-operative cases from quality reports Monitor the population of patients based on post-surgery, breast density, pathological findings.

What steps can be taken to maintain compliance with quality management requirements for audits while dealing with increasing administrative burdens? Quality management is crucial for audits, but maintaining compliance can be challenging due to increasing administrative burdens. Meeting the requirements for audits and accreditations is essential but can take up a significant amount of time and resources, which can put pressure on staff and increase the risk of non-compliance.

“We believe in a future where radiologists, breast cancer specialists, and technicians can focus on patient care and accurate diagnosis without the burden of administrative tasks. We envision an efficient and personalized daily routine in all levels of radiology practice.”

Prof. Dr. med. Andreas Boss, Chief of Radiology
Medical Advisor / Co-Founder

Our solution has pulled high-quality data sets to serve patients

An innovative solution for breast cancer screening and diagnostics.

b-rayZ is an advanced solution that offers several key features to help improve breast cancer screening and diagnostics while solving challenges faced by mammography units.

With audit-ready documentation and lean breast unit management, b-rayZ helps streamline the accreditation process and improve operational efficiency, which ultimately increases patient satisfaction.

The system also supports daily work by assessing breast density and mammographic diagnostic quality, ensuring patients receive personalized and accurate diagnostics.

b-rayZ helps reduce the risk of misdiagnosis with real-time quality assurance and stratification of high-risk patients, which is crucial in the early detection of breast cancer.

b-box ensures sustainable compliance with international regulations following the BI-RADS catalogue for mammography including standardized recommendation for Ultrasound and MRI.

Your complete AI solution for breast imaging.

Unlock the power of AI in breast imaging with b-rayZ. Elevate your diagnostic precision as a radiologist or radiographer with our seamlessly integrated platform: From streamlined workflows to enhanced accuracy, b-rayZ is designed to amplify your expertise. Step into the future of breast imaging by scheduling a demo today. Your journey to advanced diagnostics starts here.

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