Empowering Women’s health with b-rayZ.

  • Significant reduction in mammography reading times
  • Full automation of audit-ready documentation
  • Standardized, automated, and digitalized breast diagnostics

  • Reduced risk of misdiagnostics and improved brand image with advanced technology.

Overcoming common challenges in mammography industry.

Maximizing Profitability in Mammography

In the realm of mammography, profitability is often a delicate balance between providing high-quality care and managing operational costs. At b-rayZ, we’ve revolutionized this landscape. Through our cutting-edge AI-powered solutions, we’ve streamlined workflows, reducing interpretation time and resource allocation. This efficiency directly translates to enhanced profitability for practices, ensuring that financial sustainability aligns with uncompromised patient care.

Streamlining Mammography Workflows for Optimal Efficiency

Efficient workflows are the backbone of any successful mammography practice. However, in reality, complexities often hinder seamless operations. At b-rayZ, we’ve engineered a comprehensive solution. Our AI-driven technology optimizes every step of the process, from image acquisition to reporting, ensuring a smooth and synchronized workflow. This not only saves time but also allows radiologists to focus on what truly matters – accurate and timely diagnosis.

Empowering Your Team for Excellence in Breast Imaging

Managing a skilled team in mammography requires resources, time, and a commitment to ongoing training. At b-rayZ, we understand the importance of a proficient workforce. Our solution is designed to empower your team. With intuitive interfaces and automated processes, we’ve simplified the learning curve, allowing your employees to harness the full potential of our AI technology. This not only boosts morale but also elevates the standard of care they provide.

Meeting Regulatory Demands with Confidence

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, adherence to audits and compliance standards is non-negotiable. b-rayZ is dedicated to ensuring that our solution aligns seamlessly with regulatory requirements. Our platform not only complies with industry standards but surpasses them. With robust reporting features and integrated compliance checks, we’ve engineered a system that instils confidence in every evaluation, ensuring your practice remains at the forefront of compliance.

Precision Diagnoses Redefined

Accurate diagnoses are the cornerstone of effective breast imaging. At b-rayZ, we’ve pushed the boundaries of what’s possible. Our AI-powered diagnostic system is designed to augment radiologist expertise. By providing intelligent insights and highlighting potential areas of concern, we’re enhancing diagnostic accuracy. This means earlier detection, reduced false positives, and ultimately, improved patient outcomes.

“Imagine a future where technology frees radiology institutes from administrative tasks, providing all information and data in one central location. Our expertise and modern solutions support the management of practices, giving you more time for patient care.”

PD. Dr. Alexander Ciritsis
CTO / Co-Founder

AI technology delivers high clinical accuracy and real-time results.

Lean processes & improved Quality with b-rayZ.

b-rayZ offers a comprehensive solution to address the challenges of mammography diagnostics. The cutting-edge technology improves operational efficiency, enhances patient satisfaction, and provides the highest level of performance.

One of the most significant features is real-time quality assurance in mammography, reducing the risk of misdiagnostics. The system’s self-learning AI-integrated control instances and final evaluation by a physician further reduce the risk of misdiagnostics.

b-rayZ also increases efficiency, allowing more patients to be treated with the same staff. The system provides an excellent tool for continuous education for radiographers and technicians.

With b-rayZ, institutes can meet women’s requests for quality-controlled and personalized diagnostics, leading to an increase in market share. Book a demo to see firsthand how b-rayZ can revolutionize mammography processes and improve the quality of care for patients.

b-box: Revolutionizing mammography with AI-powered standardization.

With b-box, institutions can comply with international regulations in a sustainable way. The system standardizes and automates mammography procedures, including audit-ready documentation. Unlike other AI solutions, b-box follows the BI-RADS classification system. It also enables local data analysis and full automation of the breast cancer diagnostics process.

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