Standardize, automate and digitalize the diagnostic process.

Streamline the diagnostic process for increased efficiency.

Relief and support for employees, quality assurance in imaging.

Decreased risk of misdiagnosis with AI and physician evaluation.

AI tailored to the needs of breast diagnostics.

  • Do you face problems like inefficient workflows, high workloads, shortage of staff and misdiagnosis concerns?
  • Our solution offers a personalized approach to address such issues, including imaging obstacles and device workflow inconsistencies that affect imaging quality, ensuring medical quality, profitability, and standardization.

Enhance your breast imaging operations with b-rayZ. Our ecosystem of AI solutions can be seamlessly integrated into any existing IT infrastructure and device manufacturer.

“Advances in clinical research could offer each patient individual diagnostic and treatment options. However, a health system based only on human resources limits the possibility of offering personalized strategies to the individual woman. Our technology supports professionals providing patients with the highest quality and tailor-made solutions, because every woman is unique.”

Prof. Dr. Cristina Rossi
CEO / Co-Founder

AI technology delivers high clinical accuracy and real-time results

Your trusted partner in breast diagnostics.

The b-rayz suite is an ever-expanding, modular end-to-end platform for breast imaging. b-rayZ supports women through the whole diagnostic journey with an ecosystem of AI solutions, guided by clinical expertise and tailored to the patient’s needs.

b-rayZ sets itself apart from other AI solutions with its multi-modality product pipeline that follows the entire patient journey, offering real-time results with automatic BI-RADS ACR and Image Quality classifications.

“The excellent team behind b-rayZ is truly passionate about improving the quality of the diagnosis of this threatening disease. Whenever outstanding skill meets true passion, the likelihood of success is high.”

Walter Märzendorfer

Industry Advisor

“b-rayZ works tirelessly with a patient-centric approach, creating an ecosystem of innovative solutions that support day-to-day processes and improve diagnostic performance to enhance the individual patient journey.“

Dr. Athina Vourtsis

Medical Advisor

“With b-rayZ we are able to offer the highest quality and personalized screening strategies to our patients.”

Dr. Gunnar Kullmann

Senior Radiologist

“An intelligent tool targeting a compelling need in mammography. The b-box meets our goal of providing excellent care to every patient.”

Dr. med. Sophie Dellas

Head of breast Imaging and Diagnostics

“Automatized quality checks support my visual inspection. I have more time for my patients and better imaging data for diagnosis.

PD Dr. med. Magda Marcon

Breast Imaging Specialist

Say goodbye to inefficiencies and misdiagnosis in your medical practice. With our standardized solution, you can streamline your workflows, improve imaging quality, and ensure medical quality and profitability.

Join the future of breast imaging.

Improve patient care and streamline the diagnostic process with b-rayZ. Our AI technology provides real-time results to radiologists.