Built by experts, guided by clinical need.

As experienced radiologists and clinical scientists, we provide AI technology with empathy and expertise to optimize your workflow and care.

Our AI platform meets user needs, developed with top radiology and data science experts.

We believe AI is a game-changer, and our modules support radiologists, technicians, breast units, and patients.

Join us in our mission to make breast cancer less of a threat for women worldwide – with the help of our innovative solutions.

“Our mission is crystal clear and deeply impactful – to save women’s lives through the power of AI-driven medical technology. We firmly believe that every woman deserves access to the best possible healthcare, and we are committed to making this vision a reality.”

Prof. Dr. Cristina Rossi
CEO / Co-Founder

Efficient, accurate, and sustainable breast cancer diagnostics with AI technology.

Empowering healthcare professionals with our innovative solutions.

Women’s health is a matter of profound importance, and we recognize the unique challenges they face in various stages. From routine screenings to complex diagnoses, we aim to revolutionize the landscape of women’s healthcare by harnessing the potential of artificial intelligence.

Our advanced AI algorithms are meticulously designed to analyze medical data with unparalleled precision, detecting even the most subtle abnormalities at early stages. By empowering healthcare professionals with innovative tools, we strive to enhance diagnostic accuracy and improve treatment outcomes for women around the world, enabling early detection, personalized treatment plans, and ultimately, better patient care.

We stand at the forefront of a revolution in healthcare – one that transcends technology and stems from a genuine desire to make a positive impact on women’s lives. By pushing the boundaries of what AI can achieve in healthcare, we aspire to transform fear into hope, uncertainty into confidence, and vulnerability into resilience.

Experience the future of breast imaging.

We invite you to experience the future of breast imaging. Schedule a demo appointment, and let us show you how b-rayZ revolutionizes how you approach breast imaging.

Our commitment to advancing breast cancer care: Innovation, quality, and teamwork.

  • Advance AI-driven breast imaging.
  • Tailored solutions for all diagnostic modalities.
  • Emphasize teamwork to provide personalized diagnostic strategies for professionals and audit tasks.
  • Saving women’s lives with cutting-edge technologies.
  • High standards for safe and validated products.
  • Drive innovation to improve breast cancer care.
  • Build trust with honesty and transparency.

  • Leverage teamwork as a strength and foster a culture of continuous learning.

Our Milestones.

We are dedicated to advancing breast imaging through innovative technologies. Our company is committed to providing cutting-edge technologies that meet the highest standards for breast cancer detection and treatment. We are proud of our achievements so far and look forward in continuing to make a positive impact on the healthcare industry.

Management and Advisors.

We pride ourselves on having a highly skilled and diverse team of professionals. Our international team of medical specialists, scientists and medical doctors combines world class software development with scientific and medical excellence – operating from the beautiful city of Zurich into the world.

Prof. Dr. Cristina Rossi
Prof. Dr. Cristina RossiCo-Founder and CEO
Cristina is an Italian with a strong scientific background, holding a PhD in biophysics. She has worked as a data analyst in radiology at various prestigious European universities in Italy, Germany, and Switzerland. With a passion for hiking and shopping, Cristina is fluent in English, German, and Italian.
PD. Dr. Alexander Ciritsis
PD. Dr. Alexander CiritsisCo-Founder and CTO
Alex is a German/Greek with a Ph.D. in medical science, focusing on MRI physics and data science. He recently habilitated and received his Venia Legendi from the University of Zurich. A techno and house music DJ, Alex is fluent in English, Greek, and French.
Prof. Dr. med. Andreas Boss
Prof. Dr. med. Andreas BossCo-Founder and Medical Advisor
Andreas Boss is chief of the radiology department at Wetzikon Hospital and lecturer at UZH. He is a KOL in breast cancer diagnostics and board member of several startups. Andreas also holds an MBA and a master in physics. He is passionate about cycling and hiking.
Béatrice Fink
Béatrice FinkCFO, Strategic Partnerships
Béatrice holds an M. Sc. in Finance from London Business School and an MBA degree from the University of St. Gallen. With vast experience as a CFO and board member in various healthcare companies, Béatrice is Swiss and speaks German, English, French, and Italian.

Are you looking for a Challenge? Join us in our mission.

Join us in our mission and shape the future of breast imaging. Apply now and become part of our passionate group of experts dedicated to improving women’s health. Your unique skills and perspective can make a difference.

Philippe Pech
Philippe PechCSO, Business Development
Philippe has 25 years of experience in early-stage startups and has been a major contributor in turning products and solutions into revenue-generating businesses. Philippe owns an MBA degree from the University of Paris Sorbonne and speaks French, English, Dutch, and, increasingly, German.

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors includes Severin Weiss (Chairman), Dr. Gerhard Ries, Prof. Dr. Andreas Boss (Co-Founder), and PD Dr. Alex Ciritsis (Co-Founder). Their extensive experience in the technology and healthcare sectors provides invaluable guidance and support to our company.

Additionally, our Advisory Board is chaired by Prof. Dr. Andreas Boss and includes industry leaders such as Walter Märzendorfer, Dr. Athina Vourtsis and PD. Dr. Eva Maria Fallenberg.

Their expertise and connections are instrumental in helping us define our technology approach, connect with relevant industry groups, and establish collaborations that drive our growth and success.