Solutions for Patients

By applying advanced medical imaging technology to breast cancer detection, our solution, the b-box, offers a precise and reliable evaluation process, helping enhance patient outcomes. By further exploring data sets and developing newer, more efficient technology, we can strive towards even better detectability and improve patients’ health.

Solutions for Institutes

Maintaining a standard of excellence in quality assurance is more important than ever. Radiology is an ever evolving and expanding field. b-rayZ enables radiology institutions to remain compliant over the long term. This reduces potential legal, ethical, and financial risks and offers peace of mind that services are meeting expectations.

Solutions for Health Care Professionals

Healthcare professionals face the challenge of staying ahead of breast cancer through effective and efficient detection. Our b-box helps you give patients the best possible care with quick and efficient second standardized opinions. We offer technicians ongoing support so they can continue to improve their performance and provide high-quality services.

The b-rayz suite is an ever-expanding, multi-modality end-to-end platform for mammography. b-rayZ supports breast cancer patients through the whole diagnostic journey with a tailored ecosystem of solutions, driven by clinical needs.

Integrating b-rayZ in your workflow will result in:

  • Time improvement: Streamline of the breast imaging workflow – time saving for operative tasks and communications.
  • Overall efficiency: Standardization of procedures in mammography and breast ultrasound compatible with all mammography vendors – Increase overall efficiency.

  • Cost Saving: Full automation of audit-ready documentation in mammography – cost saving for regulatory compliance and reporting.
  • Reduction of misdiagnosis: Reduction of misdiagnosis with real-time quality assurance in mammography and stratification of high-risk patients.

  • Quality improvement: Improvement of quality performances with b-rayZ’s technology-enhanced learning platform.

Our unique Technology:


The b-density module provides ACR classification of the breast density, providing standardized recommen-dations for supplemental ultrasound examinations.


The b-quality module provides real-time information about the quality of mammograms and helps the technicians to avoid errors in the positioning of patients on the correct errors and avoid patient recalls and avoid patient recalls.


The b-smart dashboard allows clinical managers to monitor the performances of the breast unit, leading to lean management of resources and optimization of procedures.


The b-diagnose module analyses mammographies and generates complete radiological reports, including BI-RADS compliant recommendations.


The b-risk module provides a risk score that estimates a woman’s likelihood of developing breast cancer and helps identify high-risk patients, tailor screening plans, and detect early-stage cancers.

Product release is planned for late 2024.

Revolutionize breast cancer diagnostics.

Improve patient care and streamline the diagnostics process with b-rayZ. Our AI technology provides real-time results to radiologists.