Two of our esteemed b-rayZ team members will have a significant presence at the Swiss Congress of Radiology 2024, showcasing fundamental and groundbreaking research. They will stand as a powerhouse in the prestigious SCR program, demonstrating our commitment to advancing breast cancer diagnostics through AI technology in Geneva.

Meet the Team of Experts:

Sylwia Nowakowska, PhD, and Carlotta Ruppert will be giving multiple presentations and showcasing their groundbreaking work on Friday, June 21.

Here’s What You Can Look Forward To:

Oral Presentations:

  • Motion Blur Detection in Digital Mammography: Combining Reciprocal Space Features with Deep Learning by Sylwia Nowakowska
  • Breast DCE-MRI: Generalizable Segmentation of Breast Tissue and Contrast Uptake with Attention U-Net by Sylwia Nowakowska
  • Standardized Recommendation for Clinical Actions in Breast Ultrasound: Lesion Detection and Classification using a dCNN by Carlotta Ruppert
  • Image Quality Assessment in Screening Mammography: How Subjective is PGMI Really and Can AI Software Help? by Carlotta Ruppert

Poster Presentation:

  • Accuracy of AI for Detection and BIRADS Characterization of Mass Lesions on Digital Mammography Compared to Radiologists

We are immensely proud of their dedication and hard work, which has led to these significant contributions. The participation at SCR 2024 is not just about presenting research; it’s about engaging with the global healthcare community, exchanging ideas, and pushing the boundaries of what AI can achieve in breast cancer diagnostics.

Join b-rayZ at SCR 2024:

We invite you to join us at the congress to learn more about our mission and how we’re making strides in the field of breast imaging. This is an excellent opportunity to witness firsthand the impact of our AI solutions and to connect with our experts who are at the forefront of medical technology.

By attending, you’ll have the chance to see how b-rayZ is revolutionizing breast cancer diagnostics with cutting-edge AI technology. Don’t miss the opportunity to engage with thought leaders and innovators who are shaping the future of healthcare.

Explore more about our advancements and join us at the Swiss Congress of Radiology 2024!