Zurich – b-rayZ, Swiss innovator in AI-powered medical imaging solutions, proudly announces the receipt of the CE mark for the groundbreaking DANAI technology. Seamlessly integrated into the comprehensive breast diagnostic suites, b-box plus, DANAI empowers breast cancer detection, density assessment and quality-controlled breast positioning. DANAI marks a significant milestone in radiology, introducing a pioneering Custom AI framework designed to dynamically adapt to the unique needs of breast imaging institutions and its professional staff. Representing a paradigm shift in AI technology, it leverages adaptability to seamlessly integrate within diverse clinical environments. This adaptable framework allows calibration to the distinct requirements of each imaging unit, thereby enhancing diagnostic accuracy and streamlining operational efficiencies.

Prof. Dr. Cristina Rossi, CEO of b-rayZ, expressed her excitement over this accomplishment, stating, “The CE mark for DANAI is a tribute to our commitment to innovation and excellence in breast imaging. With this achievement, b-rayZ elevates itself in the medical industry as the first company to cover the entire mammography workflow, closing the last gap in the adoption of AI in each and every setting with Custom AI capabilities. This innovation revolutionizes the diagnostic landscape through our commitment to the highest quality breast cancer diagnostics.“

The DANAI technology is set to launch in the forthcoming weeks, coinciding with a grand showcase at the European Congress of Radiology (ECR) 2024 in Vienna. The event will offer an exclusive opportunity for industry professionals to experience firsthand the transformative capabilities and adaptability of DANAI within diverse clinical settings.
b-rayZ is set to redefine AI capabilities with DANAI, offering a revolutionary custom AI framework that ensures optimal adaptability, safety, precision, and efficiency in diagnostic processes. The launch marks a pivotal moment in advancing the field of medical imaging, setting new standards for excellence and innovation.

About b-rayZ:

The b-rayZ AI solution is part of an ever-growing multi-modality platform fully dedicated to breast cancer diagnostics. b-rayZ supports women throughout their diagnostic journey with a tailored ecosystem of solutions driven by clinical needs. With cutting-edge AI technology and years of clinical experience in breast imaging, b-rayZ offers a comprehensive yet easy-to-use solution that provides a comprehensive set of industry-leading AI modules. All of these modules are designed to meet the needs of medical professionals and support the daily work of both medical radiology assistants, radiologists and hospital managers.

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Kevin Olbrich – Marketing Manager b-rayZ, kevin.olbrich@b-rayz.ch

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