Edinburgh, Scotland (Feb 20, 2023) – Blackford, the pioneering strategic AI platform and solutions provider, and b-rayZ, a Swiss AI powered breast diagnostics provider, today announced a commercial partnership to bring the b-box plus solution to healthcare professionals.
Under the partnership, b-rayZ’s innovative technology will be integrated with Blackford’s tried-and-tested enterprise AI platform.

Blackford provides healthcare professionals access to an extensive portfolio of more than 115 medical AI solutions designed to drive clinical efficiencies and improve patient outcomes. By integrating b-rayZ’s advanced technology into the Blackford Platform, Blackford can offer healthcare providers powerful tools for breast cancer detection, density assessment, breast position quality, and workflow optimization.

New to the b-rayZ catalogue is the Custom AI framework DANAI, which allows personalized, custom AI models that cater specifically to the nuanced requirements of breast imaging professionals. This innovative framework is designed to continuously tune and evolve, integrating seamlessly with existing systems to enhance individual diagnostic efficiency, thus supporting radiologists in delivering the highest quality patient care.

“We’re delighted to partner with b-rayZ and to add their solutions to our extensive AI portfolio,” said Ben Panter, Founder and CEO of Blackford. “b-rayZ’s commitment to the detection and management of breast cancer is a great fit with our mission to improve the lives of patients by leveraging AI to drive healthcare efficiencies.”

Prof. Dr. Cristina Rossi, CEO of b-rayZ, shared her vision on the partnership: ” Designed to align with the requirements of breast specialists, our solutions are now reaching clients in search of a comprehensive array of highest-quality AI solutions through this collaborative initiative. With Blackford, we uphold a shared work ethic that places customer needs at the forefront, ensuring the highest standards in breast diagnostics and patient care.”

About Blackford

Blackford are pioneers in the radiology AI space, with over a decade of experience working in partnership with leading hospitals and ground-breaking technology providers. We operate as a strategic AI partner, providing access to a tried-and-tested core platform, tailored services, and a portfolio of 100+ applications to help healthcare providers unlock the value of AI and improve patient outcomes.

Our collaboration and recent arms-length acquisition by Bayer ensures that our customers and partners have the support and long-term security needed to underpin successful AI strategies.
To learn more about Blackford’s tailored approach to AI solutions visit www.blackfordanalysis.com, and follow us on X and LinkedIn.

About b-rayZ

Zurich-based AI medtech company, b-rayZ was founded as a Spin-Off of University Hospital Zurich and supports women throughout their diagnostic journey with a tailored ecosystem of solutions driven by clinical needs. With innovative AI technology and years of clinical experience in breast imaging, b-rayZ offers a comprehensive yet easy-to-use solution that provides a comprehensive set of industry-leading AI modules. All of these modules are designed to meet the needs of medical professionals and support the daily work of both medical radiology assistants, radiologists and hospital managers.
To learn more, visit www.b-rayZ.com, and follow us on LinkedIn to get the latest news.

For more information, contact:

Nick Cole, VP Marketing, Blackford

Email: nick.cole@blackfordanalysis.com

Phone: +44 7812164790

Kevin Olbrich, Marketing Manager, b-rayZ AG

Phone: +44 552 83 50

Email: contact@b-rayz.ch