Workforce shortage

5 strategies to combat the staff shortage in radiology

The staff shortage in healthcare is pushing many hospitals and medical practices to their limits. Radiology is also affected: In many places, staffing ranks stretch thin, and existing personnel are burned out. This poses a massive threat to patient safety and the quality of medical care. What are the reasons for this and what can HR managers do to close the staffing gaps?

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How the healthcare workforce shortage is jeopardizing the quality of breast cancer screening

The general shortage of healthcare professionals has also brought breast cancer screening to its limits: there are fewer and fewer radiologists and radiology technicians (‘MTRAs’), and increasing patient numbers to work through in less time. This has a negative impact on both the working environment and job satisfaction, but above all, it affects the quality of preventive health services for millions of women. Demographic change will only exacerbate the situation in the future. How can we avoid an impending collapse of the healthcare system?

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