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Dense breast tissue in breast cancer screening: challenges and potential solutions

It’s a well-known radiology dilemma: Dense breast tissue makes it difficult to detect tumors in X-rays of the female breast. Yet, the risk of carcinoma also rises with breast density. The challenge here is that mammograms become less accurate for women who are more likely to develop breast cancer. So, what are the options for women with dense breast tissue, when it comes to offering them tailored early breast cancer detection? And can these strategies also be implemented for routine screenings?

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Breast cancer diagnosis: Serious mistakes to avoid

After confirming a breast cancer diagnosis, doctors face more major challenges: It’s an emotionally stressful situation, and patients need to be treated with sensitivity while being fully informed of what’s to come. As a team, doctors must develop a treatment plan according to medical guidelines. Any mistakes in the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer can have grave medical – and legal – consequences.

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