AI in medicine

7 fascinating examples showing how AI assists in medicine

From early cancer diagnosis to personalized therapies and accelerated drug development: these are just a few examples of how artificial intelligence (AI) can make medicine more powerful, efficient and safer in the future. Around the globe, researchers are working feverishly on new AI-powered software tools to optimize the entire healthcare process – from prevention to diagnosis, therapy and follow-up. In this article, we show examples outlining what AI is already accomplishing in medicine and the breakthroughs that await us.

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7 myths about AI in medicine

Artificial intelligence (AI) in medicine: a subject that’s polarized the public and raises alarm as well as high expectations. However, our lives have already undergone unseen digital transformations in a host of different ways – not just through AI, but also Big Data. We speak to smart speakers and to our smartphones or receive personalized training tips from our fitness trackers. There’s barely a field that has a higher complexity and data-use than medicine – and that makes it a prime area for applying artificial intelligence. There are many myths circulating about the opportunities and risks of using AI in medicine – but these don’t always stand up to a reality check.

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