We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Irdeto, world leader in digital platform cybersecurity, to improve availability of care for cancer patients.
With the b-rayZ technology and the cybersecurity excellence of Irdeto, we will bring progress to every breast cancer patient, everywhere.

One of the current healthcare challenges in technology is that hospitals are reluctant to accept centralized cloud solutions because of security reasons, which means that radiology services can be available to only a few depending upon the hospital. Current technology requires hospitals to host servers locally, making the escalation process to many healthcare solutions inviable, which results in diagnosis and patient care delays.

Through the partnership with Irdeto, the AI software developed by b-rayZ will be secured as a medical device solution, scaled, and offered to hospitals in a cloud setting. By Irdeto guaranteeing the security of b-box in the cloud, more hospitals will have access making this solution accessible to more women worldwide. So far, more than 25,000 patients have been scanned with the b-rayZ solution over two European countries. In addition to securing the software, Irdeto will provide threat modeling, support the creation and management of the Software Bill of Materials, and overall security risk lifecycle management, including post-market vulnerability.

Get the full text here.