E-book: Five steps to an effectively organized radiology practice.

Stress and pressure, a negative mood affecting the team and the patients, high staff turnover, and increasing burnout rates among the staff: Radiology practices are faced with numerous challenges. Consequently, it is not always possible for them to exploit their full medical and economic potential.

There is another way

Our e-book shows how radiology practices and departments can optimize their processes step by step and actively benefit from digitalization.

  • What defines today’s radiology practice?
  • Don’t be afraid of digital technologies!
  • Optimizing processes and procedures in five steps

Bonus tips in each chapter: Digital aids for successful digitalization in the practice.

Optimizing processes and procedures in five steps

  • Step 1: Analysis of the status quo

  • Step 2: Optimization of organizational and medical workflows
  • Step 3: Improving communication processes
  • Step 4: Active leadership
  • Step 5: Modern marketing

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